Janji, the Boston brand running shop that featured as a pop-up store on Newbury Street a few months ago will now be opening a full store at 328 Newbury Street.

Their two month-long pop ups were successful on the high-end shopping street and the full store will be open for 9 months with a look to become permanent.

The local running store began in Allston and has grown popular throughout the Boston running community.

This community has allowed them to grow and persevere. They are hoping that their hub on Newbury Street will serve as a central hub for runners in the city.

The company embodies many of the qualities that make up the Boston culture: playful designs, giving back to the community, developing as an emerging start-up and creating plenty of millennial appeal.

Newbury Street is the heart of Boston retail and has become known for exposing small and medium brands through experimental storefronts that later become permanent.

Businesses are thriving in the Back Bay area and the Newbury Collection offers boutique retail space with a prestige address.

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