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Property Value Map
Massauchssetts Property Values Mapped
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An interactive map with over 2.5 million data points shows a property value visualization of the whole state of Massachusetts. Created by Aaron Doucett, a GIS analyst in Cambridge, the map consists of individual dots that each represent a land parcel. From each dot you can see, total property value, price per square foot and […]

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Boston Realty Advisors Hires Biette

BOSTON — Continuing to attract experienced talent to its ever-expanding platform, Boston Realty Advisors has hired veteran Anthony W. Biette for the Capital Markets division that is active across a wide variety of product types including multifamily, industrial, office and retail assets. BRA founder Jason Weissman praises the latest arrival for being “extremely established” in […]

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Market Trends in Commercial Real Estate in Boston
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New developments in both commercial and residential real estate have been materializing rapidly in Boston. Despite these new developments, however, space is limited in Boston and the last five years have seen a cycle of corporate tenants moving spaces, especially to the Seaport and Kendall Square areas. “2015 was a record-setting year for building trades […]

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