With our office and retail Landlord Representation we provide institutional and private ownership groups with sophisticated, value-added, technology-driven service solutions.

We are a boutique firm that only works on strategic assignments. Regular communication/reporting, senior member focus on showings, prospecting and negotiation of deals and going the extra mile on marketing are what we bring to Class A and B landlord representation.

Anyone can show space and react. Our objective is to actively pursue and bring the right type of tenant and the right group of brokerage professionals to the building. We ensure your building is the most responsive and proactive building in the mix, providing our client with the highest rate of success in winning the tenant.

Search “Boston Office Space” on Google. Boston Realty Advisors is the only third party brokerage firm you will find on the first page of search results. We spend more time and money making sure that when an entrepreneur or small business owner is looking for office space they will find us. We pride ourselves on being where the tenants are looking in today’s online world.

We are spending more time focused on our clients, more time working for our clients and more time talking about clients (only good things) than any other firm.