Entrepreneurial Agility

Founded in 2001 on the principles of entrepreneurship, collaboration and thought leadership, Boston Realty Advisors is privately held and controlled by two partners, Jason S. Weissman and William H. Catlin, Jr. As a Boston-based, locally operated firm, we approach commercial real estate from a different perspective. Our structure allows us to be more responsive, more resourceful, and more determined to do what works for you.

Institutional Expertise

We are a data-driven firm with real-time insight on real estate trends ranging from commercial to debt and equity markets. We follow the numbers and apply intuitive inferences with industry experience to inform decisions, manage risk, and maximize profitability for our clients. We are dedicated to monitoring and leveraging market trends to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Boston Realty Advisors’ team offers one of the most experienced capital markets platforms available in the market. Our institutional expertise combined with extensive local market experience make us the ideal partner for major private and institutional investors.

Our firm advises on more than just office space. We understand the impact of real estate decisions on the bottom line and help our clients develop a real estate strategy that aligns with their overall business and financial objectives.

With our office and retail landlord representation, we provide institutional and private ownership groups with sophisticated, value-added, technology-driven service solutions.