Property Management

Boston Realty Advisors property management platform provides onsite/offsite, day-to-day, 24/7 operational support for our clients. Working together with our client partners, our property management team oversees daily operations, including accounting, collections, staffing, cleaning, maintenance and repair. We provide effective and meaningful reporting and communication tools to make sure our clients are able to best leverage the value of their assets and achieve their business objectives.

Our team of industry specialists work closely with the leasing and capital markets teams to ensure a holistic approach to managing our clients’ assets.

Asset Services

Asset Services & Property Management helps the firm’s clients manage properties throughout the asset’s life cycle. With services that range from property to project management as well as consulting services, leveraging deep knowledge of industry best practices to ensure that every one of our client’s properties performs above and beyond.

Let Boston Realty Advisors transform your asset’s performance.


Property Types