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There’s More Driving The Boston Suburban Renaissance Then COVID Panic
Suburban Office

By Dees Stribling | Bisnow | August 24, 2020 During the 2010s, suburban office space lost its luster to the activity of the city and the charms of walkable neighborhoods. Downtown Boston and its tall towers all seemed shiny and new. A few months of pandemic has suddenly refocused companies and their workers back to the suburbs, but […]

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Coronavirus Pauses Luxe Condo Sales In Boston, But Developers Anticipate Post-Pandemic Surge
New Developments

By Dees Stribling | Bisnow | August 12, 2020 Like a lot of other real estate activity, the coronavirus pandemic has represented a pause for the luxury condo market in greater Boston. But there are signs that the pause won’t be a long one. After a period of adjustment to the new realities of the […]

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Boston Neighborhoods and Beyond
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As markets across the U.S. adjust to the new normal, developers and investors are looking for development opportunities outside of major cities, and Boston is no exception. Neighborhoods like Newton or Waltham are seeing a surge of investment during the pandemic. Why now? Join Bisnow, Patrick Mulvhill, SVP of Leasing at Boston Properties, Ginger Dhaliwal, co-founder […]

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