Fast-paced environment where every day is a challenge as you rise to the occasion and execute. As a client services associate on the office leasing team, you will be reporting directly to Robert LeClair and Bonny Doorakian and support the overall team of Wil Catlin, Robert LeClair, Bonny Doorakian, Justin Harlow, Brian Appelman on over 65 active Landlord representation assignments. The objective is to become an integral part of the team in servicing our landlord clients in Greater Boston by learning and executing all aspects of the landlord representation business through guidance and one–on-one deal work with senior team members. The goal is to become intimately familiar with the buildings, availability within the portfolio, and the landlord servicing and reporting process in the initial 12 months. Through the initial 12 month process, we intend to identify your strengths and weaknesses and refine your real estate acumen. After the initial 12 months, a more defined set of roles, greater responsibilities, and larger goals will be established to ensure your success and the greater team’s success. Long-term, an individual would have the opportunity to transition into brokerage role.

Preeminent Class B Landlord Rep Team in Great Boston. Clients include Synergy Investments, Asana Partners, and The Druker Company

Over 65 Active Landlord Assignments totaling 2.5 million SF

Class B office buildings in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Watertown


  1. Base salary for 24 months
  2. Discretionary bonus bi-annually or annually based on individual performance and overall team performance.
  3. Healthcare benefits

Key Skills/Qualifications:

  1. Licensed or obtaining Massachusetts real estate salesperson
  2. Team player willing to go above and beyond for a common goal.
  3. Detail-oriented, organization, and time management skills.
  4. Self-motivator with an intense interest in learning by doing.
  5. Strong and patient communication skills. (Regular in-person, on the phone, and email interaction with other brokers, landlords, and tenants).
  6. Efficient multi-tasking – manage constant changes in day-to-day scheduling while managing high deal volume and spontaneous challenges.
  7. Passion for learning the commercial real estate business and deal-making.
  8. Analytical understanding of cash flow models related to real estate
  9. Strive for excellence and improvement in oneself.
  10. Critical and independent thinking; including the willingness to challenge others with new and creative ideas.

Preferred Acumen

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Salesforce platforms (Apto is our CRM)
  3. In-design (if possible)
  4. Argus (if possible)

Roles and Responsibilities

Reporting – Weekly/Bi-monthly/Monthly reports through VTS software to respective landlord clients

  1. Aggregating daily leasing activity in VTS.
  2. Broker follow-ups for updating status of tour
  3. Participating in weekly/monthly landlord meetings/calls
  4. Tracking Tenants in the Market (TIMs) through VTS

Marketing – preparation and management of Print, digital, and online marketing collateral

  1. Assist in assembling all necessary assets integral in property marketing (floor plans, photos, videos).
  2. Coordinating assets with a written copy for dissemination to the in-house marketing team for design.
  3. Manage uploading and accuracy of all marketing mediums (Costar, LoopNet, BRA website, Boston Office Spaces, and HTML’s to brokers)
  4. Ongoing maintenance and updating of various mediums as spaces lease/change.

Tenants in the Market – Tracking active tenants seeking space

  1. Input all Tenants into VTS and Apto
  2. Track tenants through the deal process from a tour, proposals, lease, move-in.
  3. Cross-sell Tenants/broker touring one building with similar opportunities within BRA’s listings.
  4. Follow up with brokers/tenants on where they landed and get the lease comp wherever possible.

Showings – Conduct property tours of active listings

  1. In-person tours of brokers and their clients through current available spaces
  2. Detailed knowledge of each neighborhood, building, and spaces, including the landlord’s preferred deal terms and conditions (Asking rent, lease term length, and Tenant improvement ability).
  3. Timely follow-up of materials and answers to questions from each tour.
  4. Logging details of each tour in VTS for reporting.
  5. On going assistance of lead broker to track Tenant in the Market.

Transaction Management – Participating in all facets of deal management

  1. Drafting proposals as responses to tenant Request for Proposals (RFP’s)
  2. Calls with brokers to discuss deal terms and negotiate high-level concepts to be outlined in counter proposals and ultimately Letters of Intent.
  3. Participate in construction and architect meetings/calls to finalize construction scope and design.
  4. Lease review and negotiation in support of legal counsel.

Ongoing Data Oversight – Key to building market awareness and knowledge while supporting larger team initiatives.

  1. Tenants in the Market – Manage VTS database of Tenants in the Market including ongoing updating, broker follow-ups and presenting to team twice a month during team meetings.
  2. Lease Comp database – Utilizing COMPSTAK and inbound lease comps, continually update APTO with this data. Through the management of this data, the team will review and discuss how the market is trending and where landlord and tenant sentiment stands.

Ongoing Utility Player – Eagerness to learn and build credibility with team.

  1. Pinch hit for showings across landlord portfolio
  2. Run costar surveys and obtain pricing for tenant surveys
  3. Assist with analytical work on more significant tenant assignments i.e., Lease abstracts, portfolio analysis, financial modeling.
  4. Help build and ultimately pitch business as a Team Member

Organized Training/Industry Engagement:

  1. 3 Days Per Week – 7:00 AM Associate training program hosted by Wil Catlin via ZOOM or In-Person.
  2. Every Thursday – 4:00 – 6:00 PM Associate/Partner Round Table hosted by Robert LeClair
  3. Colleague Lunch/Coffee Meetings – Reach out and organize lunch or coffee with all senior BRA colleagues to learn about them and their businesses.
  4. Regularly attend industry events and actively seek out peers in the industry to build relationships.
  5. Quarterly Progress Meetings with team members