Teleheath Gets A Sudden Boost From The Pandemic. Can Hospitals Handle It?
Boston Commercial Real Estate

By Dees Stribling | Bisnow National | June 11, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has given a boost to telehealth every bit as strong as it has for Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms, but the long-term use of the technology is still uncertain — along with its impact on healthcare real estate. “We had a system […]

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Pandemic Or Not, Affordable Housing Still Needs Density And Transit

By  Dees Stribling | Bisnow |June 2, 2020 The long-term outlook for affordable housing depends on its location in walkable areas with access to transit that will take residents to their jobs: urban density, in other words, or at least a pocket of density around a transit node. The pandemic has called that model into question, […]

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In this coronavirus spring, a stroll down Newbury Street felt neither leisurely nor luxurious

  By Shirley Leung | Boston Globe| May 26, 2020  It says a lot that the busiest spot on Newbury Street on a gorgeous Tuesday was the decidedly unglamorous UPS Store, where people spent their lunchtime lined up outside to mail packages. In normal times, this stretch of the Back Bay would have been jammed with […]

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