This August marks the 40th anniversary of the reopening of Faneuil Hall Marketplace and to honor the occasion they are celebrating throughout the weekend.

Originally built in 1742, Faneuil Hall has always been home to merchants and acted as a major meeting space in the city. The market remained a major business hub throughout the 1800’s before slowly declining.

After standing mostly empty in the mid-1900’s the building was originally planned for demolition, until a group of Boston residents fought for its preservation in the 70’s. The famous marketplace reopened in August 26, 1976 after undergoing extensive renovations.

This revitalization changed the face of downtown Boston and marked the first urban renewal project of its kind, making the area into the famous marketplace it is today. 

Today this space remains as a hub for retail, office space and dining, conveniently located between Government Center and the Financial District.

As one of the most iconic destinations in Boston, its anniversary is being celebrated throughout the end of August.

The weekend festivities include food merchants rolling back prices to what they were in 1976, a car show and a 70’s disco dance party. Find out more about the event here

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