Reggie Wong Park and the surrounding Chinatown block are being sold to developers with hopes of reinventing the space, according to the Boston Globe.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation is behind the sale to clear the area, currently occupied by the popular court, Department of Transportation office building, parking lot and Veolia steam plant, in order to make room for possible new developments.

The 5.5-acre area is part of a plan by Governor Charlie Baker to sell underused state land to raise money and promote new development.

There are endless possibilities for the area along Kneeland Street, which could fit up to 2 million square feet of developments.

The prime location is close to the Southeast Expressway and South Station, making it a great location for housing, office or commercial space.

The Transportation Department will finalize the guidelines for what could be built on the space, including density and open space. The final specific plans will need to be approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

With the plans they hope to satisfy what the community really wants to see in the space, including potentially affordable housing.

The community is also fighting to keep Reggie Wong Park where it is even with the potential new developments around it.

The volleyball court in the park is a very popular spot in the neighborhood and they are desperate to keep it in use throughout this process.

More specific plans are expected to take shape in the coming weeks.

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