The proposed tower at 171 Tremont Street facing the Boston Common keeps getting shorter, according to Boston Business Journal.

Since its proposal the project has been reduced by 120 feet and the latest design approvals show a 235-foot residential tower.

Owned by Swiss investor Maurice Dabbah, the proposed building would cost $70 million and house 18 residential units.

Originally when the Tremont Street tower was proposed in December 2014 it was supposed to be 355 feet.

This project comes alongside many of the other new developments emerging in Downtown Crossing, hoping to continue to revitalize the neighborhood.

A major reason for the height decrease has to do with the amount of shadow that the building will create on Boston Common.

The 18 stories and one story lobby will be topped with a steeped roof, which will further decrease the shadows the building creates.

Originally the proposed tower would have created 5,135 square feet of shadow and that has now been decreased to 2,987 square feet.

State law restricts how much of the Boston Common can be covered by shadow at any given point in the day and the original Tremont Street proposal would have taken up almost all of the remaining shadow allowance left for the surrounding developments.

Residents expressed concerns for the shadows not just from 171 Tremont, but all of the upcoming developments in the area, including: One Bromfield Tower and the 30-story tower on Washington Street.

Construction of 171 Tremont Street is planned to begin this fall, starting with the demolition of the four story office building that is currently in its place.

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