Somerville announced that it will no longer fight to challenge Wynn Boston Harbor environmental permit, according to Boston Business Journal.

The huge gaming resort development is due to open in Everett in June 2019, received a license earlier this month and began construction.

Despite the license Somerville officials were strongly considering seeking a judicial review of the 3 million square foot project in order to protect the health, safety and quality of surrounding residents.

They have now decided to no longer pursue the appeal, meaning that the project will continue to move forward.

They have reached an agreement that settles concerns about traffic and mobility and other key issues including requiring a 50-year operation for a water ferry that should reduce car traffic to the casino and increasing the amount of public space incorporated within the project.

The large site sits on the banks of the Mystic River and was long contaminated by the nearby former Monsanto plant.

The Wynn development has agreed upon terms in order to work together with the neighboring area to satisfy the quality of life, economy and impact the development will have.

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