Moderated by Wil Catlin (Boston Realty Advisors) with a star-studded panel, including Michael Maturo (RXR Realty); Matthew Friedman (Rockwood Capital); Arthur Jones (Principal Real Estate Investors); and Robert Deckey (Invesco US)


iGlobal Forum Live introduces a brand-new virtual event, providing you with key insights into the Offices market.

This 1-hour discussion is the perfect opportunity to delve into this key commercial real estate sector with industry leaders, both from asset management and acquisition standpoints, enabling you to get solutions you can take back and use in real time.

Key topics include:

  • Flex-space and Space-As-A-Service feel highly relevant, yet how can they survive new health requirements?
  • Will tenants downsize and relocate to minimize costs? Or will they create grand offices that are branding exercises to draw people back together?
  • What are asset management teams doing to protect portfolios in this C-19 environment?
  • What solutions are available for elevators?
  • How much will operating costs increase?
  • How are sector benchmarks or metrics shifting to meet the new Covid-19 reality?
  • In future, will an employer’s location matter less, and if so, what does that mean for the office sector?

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