Jeremy Leventhal, co-founder of Faros Properties and real estate scion joined us from the Hamptons.  He talked about how the private markets are temporarily frozen and that physical due diligence is near impossible.  The conversation extended into discussing multifamily assets, office consolidation, and cowork facilities.

Jeremy was born and raised in Newton, MA.  He said that given the abundance of higher learning and teaching hospitals in Boston, it is one city that is typically more resilient to downturns.  Mr. Leventhal shared a story about his grandfather, founder of Beacon Capital, repeatedly going to a city official in Washington DC to purchase a parcel of land.  He was denied countless times, yet kept coming back to have the same conversation.  After years of persistence, he was finally sold the land for Jeremy’s grandfather to proceed with his development plans.  Lesson learned – Be respectful and never give up.

Jeremy concluded with a book recommendation – MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed bin Salman.