Aubrey Cannuscio, the CIO of Linear Retail, with a portfolio of 95-properties, began the Morning Zoom by saying that he would take the 2008-09 financial crisis over the craziness of today.  Aubrey told us that his father and grandfather were homebuilders and that he got his work ethic from them.  He shared how his children are having fun in the kitchen making dinner and producing Tik Tok videos – one of them getting over 30 million views.

Focused on business, Mr. Cannuscio said that for the time being, acquisitions are on hold and will be ultimately looking inside 128; specifically at Brighton, Allston and Brookline.  With ICSC Deal Making Shows cancelled, Aubrey and his team are concepting new methods to conduct remote/virtual tradeshow meetings.

Aubrey emphasized that we can help our neighbors by helping our local food banks and encouraged to get involved.  While we all continue to shelter in place, he recommended the book What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence by Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman of Blackstone.