Adam Bauer has been with Northwestern Mutual for 15-years and leverages his company’s staying power of 160-years.  Here are a few takeaways from his Morning Zoom with BRA.

  • Adam shared his philosophy with the exclusive BRA audience, explaining that clients often approach him with an “Investment Strategy”.  He dials it back and asks his clients to focus on their “Financial Plan”.
  • He reminded folks about the important fundamental rule to save first and shared the company modo – Spend Your Life Living.
  • Adam is a big believer is dollar cost averaging.  He said not to overanalyze and to continue placing money into your financial plan.
  • He is also a fan of the many fintech tools on the market, suggesting Northwestern’s app.
  • Lastly, Mr. Bauer’s tip for the day was to leverage your network – friends from high school college buddies, previous coworkers, etc.  Start by picking up the phone and asking, “How are you?”
    Q&A of the Day:  “What’s your biggest asset – your house, car, or money in the bank?”

    None of the above. The answer is – Yourself and your ability to produce income. Invest in yourself.