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Modern residential architecture
Boston Luxury Market Rising Higher than New York
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New York is infamous for it’s sky-high buildings and sky-high housing prices, but the luxury market is cooling off, according to This news means that Boston’s luxury condo market is speeding up and beating luxury condo sales in NY. Developers throughout both cities are constructing more and more luxury buildings and filling up both […]

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Property Value Map
Massauchssetts Property Values Mapped
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An interactive map with over 2.5 million data points shows a property value visualization of the whole state of Massachusetts. Created by Aaron Doucett, a GIS analyst in Cambridge, the map consists of individual dots that each represent a land parcel. From each dot you can see, total property value, price per square foot and […]

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Boston Ranked Number one for Start Ups
Boston Ranked Number One for Emerging Digital Economy
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Boston has been ranked the best┬ácity in the country for new companies and start ups, beating out Silicon Valley. A report by 1776 and the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation chose┬áthe top 25 startup incubators in the US by ranking cities based on their readiness to foster entrepreneurial growth and innovation in the next wave […]

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