Small retailers and unique boutiques are hoping to make their return to Newbury Street and bring back the quaint charm the famous shopping street once had.

In recent years many chain stores have begun to take over, but developers and landlords are hoping to attract new luxury and unique shops with competitive rents and flexible leases, according to the Boston Globe.

The hope is to attract smaller retailers and boutiques that are going to take risks and create an environment that will stand out from the rest.

Bringing new shopping concepts to Newbury Street, known for its sophistication, is both invaluable for the brands opening up there and for revamping the iconic shopping street.

Many of the recent additions to the street include small brands that started online but noticed a need to create a physical experience for their customers and these are the types of brands developers are hoping to see more of.

In order to continue to develop the street as an iconic and unique destination landlords are looking for stores that will bring an unconventional and exciting flair in both the products offered and how the space is designed.

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