Druker Company President Ronald Druker will discuss the new normal and whats next for the Boston real estate market with BRA’s Wil Catlin on Bisnow Boston’s Webinar next week.

The Druker Company has been a pillar in the Boston commercial real estate community for generations. Overcoming challenges from the Spanish flu to the economic crisis in 2008. The company’s historical success and resiliency comes from strong leadership and an ability to look at the industry for what it is and make decisions even when challenging.

Ronald Druker is now at the helm leading the Druker Company and managing a range of developed properties from Retail to Office and beyond.

Join Bisnow on May 12 to learn how Druker is navigating another historic hurdle in the Druker lineage and how he is working in the commercial real estate climate in Boston during these uncertain times.

Discussion Topics:

— What have we learned from previous downturns and how can we apply those lessons to weathering the coronavirus storm moving forward?

— How to manage challenging conversations with retail tenants.

— How Druker is managing a portfolio across several asset classes during the coronavirus.

— What protocols are being used to manage properties in retail and hospitality?

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