Million Dollar Condos Are The New Reality

What was once a neighborhood characterized by its affordable property values and family-run restaurants has transformed into a rapidly-developing market filled with million-dollar homes. In 2018, the average sale price in South Boston skyrocketed to $803,513, up 10% from 2017 and 86% from 2008. South Boston’s housing market is booming, with 55 transactions currently under agreement and average days-to-offer at just 20 days.

South Boston’s housing market is shifting out of reach for working-class adults and into the territory of elite young-professionals. Ten years ago, only 3% of the 419 condominiums sold were priced between $700,000 – $1,000,000. Almost all condos were selling under $699,000, with a huge portion under $349,000. Last year, 278 condos, or 45% of all inventory was listed within the 700,000-1,000,000 range. These exorbitant prices keep condominiums as a distant aspiration for young adults looking to establish themselves.

In 2008, a $429,500 investment could get someone a new construction two-bedroom condominium with a private roof deck and other state-of-the-art amenities. For the same price in today’s market, buyers won’t even be able to find a single listing.

While the condominium market is certainly experiencing dramatic growth rates, it may be nearing a cooling point in price growth. For the first time since 2013, listing prices have surpassed the asking prices, indicating that there is less competition in bidding for these coveted condominiums. Given its proximity to the Seaport and the surplus of upcoming housing in Washington Village, South Boston will remain a highly demanded sub-market for young-professionals.

As prices continually to rise, it may seem unlikely one will be able to find a reasonable priced condominium for sale, but there are still affordable options out there. Like Charlestown, the average price per square foot is markedly more affordable when purchasing a 3-bedroom condominium. These three-bedroom spaces have nearly double the average living area when compared to one-bedroom listings, with the 24 active three-bedroom spaces having an average living area of 1,553 and the 12 one-bedroom listings having an average of 873.