One of the major retail spaces that has undergone a reinvention is the food court, now reimagined as global food halls.

This concept of combining the traditional market with upscale food vendors is not a new one, however it is quickly spreading and creating new engaging spaces throughout cities.

These types of developments not only provide opportunities for food vendors and restaurants, but a way for commercial real estate developers to make use of older spaces like warehouses and factories.

Food halls combine speciality products, local vendors, farm-to-table restaurants and more under one roof, mixing up the idea of the classic supermarket and market place. These food halls are more than just a place to shop or eat, but are seen as an enticing space to meet and explore.

Eataly is one of the few food halls that has branched out to multiple locations around the world after starting in Italy in 2007.

Now Eataly has over 20 locations around the world, including the much anticipated location in the Prudential Center scheduled to open this winter.

These marketplace/restaurant combinations are created around a high level of Italian authenticity, providing the highest quality products and an enticing environment that keeps customers involved for longer.

As well as shopping there is a space for dining and this is what is making this new type of retail space more and more common and popular.

Physical retail spaces are competing with online retailers more than ever, but by becoming an interactive space offering visitors a variety of experiences, these spaces are continuing to thrive.

For more information on Eataly’s Boston debut visit the Prudential Center.

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