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Stay the Course, Despite COVID-19

Letter to the Editor of Banker & Tradesman by Jason S. Weissman  The communal, personal and economic effect of the coronavirus has infringed every fabric of our daily lives. This unwelcome disruption has generated a panic that we must quickly transcend. Staying healthy is paramount – both physically and mentally.  We need to be mindful and act responsibly to […]

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Bisnow Webinar : How to Get Boston Construction Back Underway
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Since Mayor Walsh placed all non-essential construction projects on hold, many contractors and construction workers are still without a clear direction. Recent safety tips advised by the city require 6 feet of social distancing, hand washing accessibility, protective gear, etc. However essential projects have still been actively underway without consistent guidelines of how they need […]

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The New Office Rewards Quality Over Value

By William H. Catlin Commercial landlords consumed the past 10 years trying to accommodate a moving target, under the budgetary guise of “maximizing heads per square foot.” The open floor plan has been tried and tested in multiple formats – from coworking solutions to headquarter locations. Architects, landlords, and tenants alike have learned from trying […]

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