Brian Bishop

Managing Director of Commercial Property Management


Brian Bishop has over 20 plus years of experience in the commercial real estate industry specializing in property management, construction, development, engineering and due diligence that gives him an industry wide perspective and comprehensive expertise. Brian began his career in a family owned development company focused on design and construction for the communication industry developing communication sites around the northeast and Canada.   He later moved to the Davis Companies where he spearheaded the majority of their construction and development projects and focused on due diligence for all new acquisitions. Brian played an essential role in expanding the Davis Companies property management offices acting as an advisory role in multiple states  As an integral part of the operations team, he over saw the real estate operations in Boston, Connecticut, Chicago, South Carolina, Pittsburg, Naples and Sarasota Florida. 

Brian is very involved with client service and is hands-on with operations, due diligence and project management, serving as the captain for many assignments. He comes with decades of practical application experience which brings a unique approach to the commercial real estate industry. He can assess commercial real estate from the angel of an operator, manager, investor, client or developer which enables him to provide a comprehensive approach to the clients. Brian’s real-world experience in facilities management, design, and complex construction projects enables him to understand the overall goal and the needs of our clients. 

Brian has always had a passion for the commercial real estate industry with a focus on fully integrated solutions maximizing client benefit.    Being involved with some of the largest development projects in the city of Boston, Brian has been instrumental, changing the face of Boston one building at time