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Office Markets
Boston Office Market Reaches Record Highs
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Predictions a few years ago all pointed to the decline of the office market, stating the reshaping of the American workplace and dramatic technological changes as the main causes. However, the exact opposite seems to be occurring as office vacancies hit record lows and overtake the last office peak that was reached in 2001. The […]

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Boston Ranked Number one for Start Ups
Back Bay Class A Office Rents By Floor
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Where do you sit in the Back Bay? The popular Boston neighborhood has over 34 Class A office buildings totalling 13,181,634 square feet. The floor you sit on has as much of an impact on the price per square foot your company is paying as the actual building itself. If your firm has a lease […]

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Curious George Harvard
Harvard Square Redevelopment
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A landmark of Harvard Square is set to be redeveloped after a trio of buildings in the historic space were purchased last October for $85 million. Equity One has filed plans for the redevelopment of the complex between Brattle, JFK and Mount Auburn streets in Harvard Square. The plans have been filed with the Cambridge […]

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